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CUB’s networking philosophy is one of genuine connection and not transaction. We believe that a truly powerful and lasting business network is formed through the ability to create mutually beneficial and genuine relationships between members of our community.
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Not Your Average Networking.
Not Your Average Network.

Our Community

Joining CUB means instantly gaining a network of thousands of vetted entrepreneurs whose revenue exceed one million per annum. A diverse community spanning industry, stage of business and demographics, CUB represents the modern face of Australian business.

Strategic Networking

Your networking manager will work with you throughout your membership, helping place you in strategic networking groups, action personal introductions and invite you to events most suited to you. With over 400 events annually you will not be short of opportunity to get involved.

Join Industry & Interest Groups

Expanding your network across diverse industries and people is essential. For those who also want to connect within their industry or with others who share common interest, CUB offers dedicated industry and interest groups for members to join.

CUB Club of United Business

Reach the entire Network

The CUB App helps you leverage the network, enabling you to reach the entire community on the feed, make clubhouse bookings, RSVP to events, search the network and contact members.

Ready to start networking?

Submit your interest today to have our membership team contact you to help determine the best way for you to get involved in the CUB community or to learn more.

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