Network like never before!

Networking at CUB

Members join CUB to accelerate the achievement of their ambitions by surrounding themselves with others who can assist them.

CUB is the ultimate business network and it is our job to help you utilise the network. To gain the most value from the network you must be active in the community. You can do this by:

  • Attending events.
  • Requesting connections from your membership manager.
  • Offering knowledge and experience to the community.
  • Frequent use of the Clubhouse.

How it works

CUB has two main types of networking opportunities

Connections Events


Our “CUB connections” are an introduction organised and facilitated by your Membership Manager, that allows you to grow your personal network and accelerate your ambitions by connecting you to other members who may be able to assist in doing so.


CUB hosts a range of social events that allow members to connect in a private, relaxed and enjoyable setting.


On the last Saturday of every month, members gather over a relaxed lunch to celebrate new members and listen to stories of success from the CUB community. Come and connect over a feast fit for royalty whilst enjoying the day filled with fun and entertainment. The clubhouse plays host to our CUB Day on most occasions, however be prepared to catch up with your fellow members at some amazing locations including harbour side properties and super yachts.

CUB Genius Board

Prepare to learn the greatest lessons from your fellow members and listen to their stories of success about how they took their business from nothing, to the powerhouse that it is today. Genius boards are a time for members to gather and learn from each others experiences while implementing the lessons learned into their own businesses.

CUB Talks

Every quarter CUB opens its doors to our members Clubhouse to host a must see event for anyone who shares the clubs huge ambition and passion for business. Guests of CUB talks are able to gain knowledge from some of Australia's leading business minds, while networking with members and other business leaders. This is a great time for anyone who shares CUB’s values to indulge in the culture of the club.

CUB Groups

CUB Groups are specialised communities within the club that meet three times within a quarter, leveraging off each other’s knowledge and experience to improve on a specific area of business.