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Daniel catches up with Sasha Shevelev, the Co-Founder and CEO of Webcoda, a website development agency established over 20 years ago, now boasting an impressive client list, including Sony, UNSW, and the Federal Government.

Daniel and Sasha dive into the surprising journeys that lead people to entrepreneurship. They uncover the challenges of career advancement within teams, from pay raise requests to demands for extra perks. Sasha, drawing on two decades of experience, further shares essential insights on the power of transparency about a company’s performance.


“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill
“Your attitude determines your altitude” – Zig Ziglar
Know your numbers are the simplest and most direct way to manage your business – Use them to set goals and monitor your business health. It took me years to realise this and the moment I did I started seeing how much money was being lost through carelessness or inefficiency every single day. Every day at 9 am I meet my managers and we go through every time entry from the day before to make sure nothing is missed.
Marketing works. You need to be running / testing multiple marketing strategies all the time.
Always be a student but it’s more important to take one good idea and execute well then it is to read a hundred books and not execute anything you learn.
People before profits and it’s only money – I’ve known people take their own lives because of money. I know family members who don’t speak to each other because of money.
Never assume anything. Most people are scared to ask if they don’t understand something but often, we they do ask they find out nobody else understood either. Can save a lot of time.
Sometimes you need to save clients from themselves. The number of times we have talked clients out of making really bad choices. These conversations can be difficult, and they may have sunk costs but if a project fails, we all lose. If it’s a success, no one remembers how hard it was. They are too busy drinking champagne.
Being inspired by members success stories. After 20 years in business, you need peoples stories to inspire you
The events – I have learned a lot by attending many events and I often follow up with the speakers afterwards where I learn even more.