At CUB we believe in the power of the entrepreneur and your ability to impact the world in a positive way.

The entrepreneurial journey is not easy and it's even harder because there are so few people in your position.

At CUB we are on a mission to improve the entrepreneurial journey, ensuring that our members have the network and relationships needed to succeed.

As a member of CUB you will have the power of the entire community behind you, ensuring nothing gets in the way of you accomplishing your ambitions.


“I grew up in a family of business, watching my father I idolised entrepreneurs and witnessed first-hand the difficulty of the journey.

When it came time for me to step up and enter the business world, I decided to do it by serving the people I understood and idolised the most, business owners.

I coupled my passion and knowledge of business I learned from my father with the importance of family and community I learned from my mother and BOOM… CUB was born.

CUB is more than a network, it’s a business family.

Honestly, When I launched CUB I didn’t really know what I was starting. I used to ask the very first members why they joined? I think they thought it was funny because I seemed almost confused why they gave me money. But they all said the same thing, “I want to meet other people in my position”.

We never had problems growing the club, it almost seemed like every successful person in the country was looking for each other. However, our problem was trying to figure out how to deliver what our members were searching for, success through community.

Since then myself and our now industry leading team of legends have developed what I believe to be the best networking system in the country (I like to say the world but sometimes people don’t believe me).

We have launched two Clubhouses, gained 1000+ members along with investors such as Mark Bouris and are now expanding rapidly around the country.

Yeah, life’s pretty awesome now, but I can’t imagine having been able to do it without being surrounded by the incredible people I am proud to call my fellow members.

The success of the club is only made possible due to the help of the incredible members we have had over the past 5 years and is a true testament to how our community works.”

Daniel Hakim
Founder & CEO of CUB

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