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CUB is an invitation only leadership community designed to enable Australian entrepreneurs the ability to build real relationships with fellow leaders.

An Industry Leading Networking Service

Grow your Network

CUB’s exclusive relationship-based networking service “KOR” guarantees every member the opportunity to build real relationships with 30+ leaders pa.

The name KOR, represents the three benefits a great network will deliver, Knowledge, Opportunities and Relationships.

Placed in groups of 11, each KOR group meets three times over the KOR season, each with a specific purpose. With three KOR seasons a year, KOR forums are the most effective and enjoyable way to grow your network.


50+ Private Events a Year

Putting You in the Right Room with the Right People

Access exclusive yacht days, sporting events, keynote speeches, fire-side chats, industry nights, wine tastings & lunches. CUB members have the freedom to get as engaged in the community as they wish with our constantly impressive event schedule.

Exclusive Members Clubhouses

Your Third Space

Gain access to our Members exclusive Clubhouses, in Sydney and Melbourne's business districts. Work in privacy, impress important clients, or connect with fellow members in our lounges and work spaces.

CUB Club of United Business

The CUB App

Your Network in Your Pocket 24/7

The CUB App is a member exclusive social media, enabling you to access the network and build your personal business community.
Connect with 1000+ business owners, organise your network, seek support & engage in the community. Revolutionising the way business owners connect, the CUB App ensures you have your CUB network always at your finger tips.

CUB is enjoyable ✓

CUB is nothing like the typical networking or traditional leadership groups of the past.

CUB is personal ✓

CUB’s services are designed to ensure you are able to utilise the club to build your personal business community of leaders you know, admire and trust.

CUB is efficient ✓

Why wait 30 years to obtain a strong business network when you can achieve it in 3?

Start building your personal business network today.