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Daniel catches up with Yasser Zaki, founder of Tender Loving Care Disability Services and recipient of the APAC CEO of The Year Award in 2023. Yasser’s transformation from corporate professional to dedicated support worker stemmed from a simple act of kindness – assisting an elderly traveller with their luggage, leading to a meaningful connection. 6 years later, Yasser’s businesses support people who have disabilities globally.

On today’s episode, Daniel and Yasser discuss his inspiring journey to becoming an entrepreneur, the importance of purpose and of doing good in the world. They further explore the essence of “Impact Investment,” strategies to distinguish your business in a competitive market, and insights on smart and sustainable business expansion.


In business, the critical learnings have revolved around the necessity of adaptability, championing a people first approach, and nurturing innovative thinking through the blue ocean strategy, which guided us in sidestepping the competition to carve out unique market spaces.  Life has instilled in me the virtues of resilience, empathy and continual learning.