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Daniel catches up with Aaron Smith, Founder of KX Pilates. KX is the Australian leader in Reformer Pilates, with more than 100 studios in Australia and globally. Having faced challenging battles with mental health in his teens, Aaron discovered his passion for fitness, nutrition, and embracing life to its fullest during his early twenties. His journey led him to explore the globe, delve into the scientific intricacies of dynamic pilates and eventually building his franchise empire.

Daniel and Aaron speak about Aaron’s story leading up to the birth of KX Pilates and discuss the power of travelling and seeing the world to discover yourself. They explore the challenges of scaling and how to grow a franchise business successfully, Aaron’s decision to step down as CEO and how to identify when it is time to take that step back in a bid to progress as a leader. 


“Care more about your customers than the money you will make from them, and you will be successful.” – Jim Rohn
Do one thing exceptionally well instead of doing many things average. Focus on that, innovate internally and constantly ask yourself – what is the one strategic partner that will change my business forever. Who is my “Disney / McDonald’s” partnership I’m yet to form.