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Daniel catches up with Alexandra King, Co-Founder & Director of ask Marketing. Born in a hotel room in Sicily, ask Marketing is a Virtual Marketing Management business – an innovative and cost effective alternative to in-house marketing management.

During her 10 years of working in the Marketing industry, Ali previously looked after brands such as Reebok, Beats by Dr Dre & Microsoft.

Daniel and Ali talk about innovation in the industry, the basics of creating a marketing strategy for your business and discuss the importance of customer retention. Plus: Ali reveals her top 3 marketing technologies that are a must for every business!


“Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same” 
Its a quote and song lyric – it’s one have remembered since I was a kid.
Morally always steers you in the right direction.
I have so much ahead to learn, so rather some practical tips that have worked for me:
  1. Build your day around how you like to work. Ie for me. I get up around 5 am every day and I do my best work between 7 am when I log on and midday. 
  2. Relationships are everything. CUB is a perfect example of that. Always have an open mind and a generous spirit. (we can  talk about what I said at your Think Tank)
  3. Remove yourself regularly from the bubble, it works wonders – Virtual Marketing Manager was born out of a hotel room in Sicily.
We joined CUB to accelerate our knowledge about growing and scaling a business.