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In this special episode, Daniel catches up with Adrian Hondros, CEO of Porter Davis, speaking about Adrian’s first hand experience in New York on September 11th, 2001.

On the event’s 20th anniversary, Daniel and Adrian review the day that was going to change the course of a nation and discuss the learnings we can all take from it, such as leadership and communication in times of crisis, focusing on things we can control and how adversity should never stop you from what you want to do in life.


‘War of the Worlds’, H.G. Wells
…I like the big picture!
“Never negotiate out of fear and never fear to negotiate”, JFK, January 1961 Inauguration Speech
As a leader you can never communicate too often…just as you’re getting bored you may be getting through.
Without trust we have nothing, it’s the foundation of successful business.
Thank like a leader, act like a leader…everyone is watching, always!
CUB has been pivotal for me. I was fortunate to be introduced to CUB in 2015 and loved it from the first day. It was critical for me when I returned from INSEAD in early 2016 and decided to leave CBA. I used it as my launch pad to determine my next career move in July & August 2016 leading up to joining Porter Davis.
At the time most members were younger entrepreneurs and they really inspired me to take a risk and do something different.
I now attend CUB Melbourne most Wednesdays to create a “fire break” each week and am currently in Sydney enjoying the hospitality and support of the CUB team. CUB is a family, it provides business, professional and personal support. It is unique and very important to me, I’m a massive advocate.